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Dominos, Stuffed Crust Pizza

When i received the telephone call asking me if i would like to sample and review the new Dominos Stuffed Crust pizza i was in two minds as to accept as i’m not a big pizza fan, well the pizzas are fine but i am allergic to tomatoes so my base is usually garlic paste instead of the red stuff, and i usually opt for chinese if we have a takeaway. hesitantly i agreed in the name of research thinking i could get my partner to eat the pizza and give me her verdict.

After a few changes of mind should i have a meteor,or play safe and have pepperoni or a half and half claire opted for the meteor, Our nearest Dominos is 7 miles away so we opted to pick up and go to the beach for a “picnic” the smell in the car was gorgeous, garlic and spices and mozzarella cheese mmm when we stopped i decided toms or no toms this is my project and i really ought to try it, and boy i wasn’t pleasantly surprised i was over the moon.

The pizza was a large 13inch one, there are 4 sizes available..and the dough freshly made when we ordered. when we opened the box there it was all hot n steamy and oozing with cheese and toppings.. Meatballs, Ground Beef, Sausage, Pepperoni and Smoky Bacon , but the best bit when i bit into my slice was the urghhhhh tomatoes no wait that aint toms its BBQ sauce, delicious lightly smoked  on a thin crispy base that was delicate and light and definitely not soggy and this is how it remained, then of course the bit we left till the last bite the Stuffed Crust, again light and cripsy crust stuffed with just the right amount Mozzarella cheese , garlic and  herbs. Included in the box is a tub of dipping sauce for the crust too, so extremely well thought of by dominos.

Dominos have definitely changed me into a pizza lover and cant wait to try my next one as the choice is extensive even for a fuss pot like myself.ranging from original cheese & tomato, to reggae reggae chicken and even a reggae reggae vegetarian option, and a create your own with a mix of 9 different toppings. there is something for everyone and for all taste buds.. and all pockets..starting at just £5.99

4 sizes – personal-7inch ,small-9.5 inch, medium-11.5 and large 13.5 inch.(stuffed crust only available on Med & large..

All these pizzas and many others can be found online here http://www.dominos.co.uk/menu/pizza/default.aspx

you can also order using an iphone and the dominos app which is downloadable.

The Dominos tag of your favourite pizza just got tastier has never been more true..


Dominos are currently running a number of promotions online with facebook.

To celebrate its new Domino’s Stuffed Crust, the pizza delivery expert has announced two social platform initiatives to spread the word – a location-based offer integrated with Facebook® Deals and internet-based treasure hunt, Domino’s Stuffed Crust Quest.


The Facebook Deals promotion starts on Thursday [June 23, 2011] and offers a free garlic pizza bread when Facebook users check in to any UK Domino’s store and order a Domino’s Stuffed Crust. To claim, customers simply need to present the check in screen on their mobile to the order taker. By checking in with their Facebook account, pizza lovers can also publish it back to Facebook and share it with friends.


For budding treasure hunters, Domino’s Stuffed Crust Quest will launch later this week. The interactive quest will challenge Domino’s fans to follow clues around the internet during a limited time period to collect a series of letters. The letters will spell out a secret code that can be redeemed for tasty Domino’s Stuffed Crust bounty. The quest has been integrated with Domino’s Facebook Page, where the first clue will be released in the next few days via a status update.


One comment on “Dominos, Stuffed Crust Pizza

  1. It was very yummy will defo get again x

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