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Mrs Crimbles Macaroons

A recent survey* commissioned by the much loved British bakery brand, Mrs Crimble’s, has shown:

While times may be tough, nearly nine out of ten of us would still rather experience an act of kindness than win £10 on the lottery
84% of people feel guilty about not being in touch as much as they’d like with the people they most care about
When asked about the kindest person they know, people were almost twice as likely to choose a woman over a man
As a result of the survey, Mrs Crimble’s, has launched the ‘Share the Love’ campaign to spread some kindness nationwide. Every month, Mrs Crimble’s will send out 1,000 free packs of goodies to those who deserve a bit of kindness. Anyone can nominate a deserving friend or relative by visiting I was delighted to recieve these in the post as you can see by the pic i love macaroons. <a href="http:// http://www.letsbakelove.com.“>

Not just any old macaroons Mrs Crimbles is an award winning  British bakery that makes Gluten and Wheat Free products. Which is easily seen on the clearly printed packaging. and the macaroons i received where mini chocolate and orange probably my favourite combination of flavours next to choc and mint but thats another story. The macaroons are scrummy as you can see by the picture totally irrisistable  moist and not too crumbly and possibly at first bite appear abit stodgy but then the taste hits  lovely rich chocolate flavour with  a hint of orange nothing tangy at all about these. cant wait to try other Mrs Crimbles products the range includes also brownies,muffins cake slices, cakes and cookies, there is also a range of 8 mixes from cookies to dumplings, to bread and pastry mix, and the lines of produce is growing. As is the popularity with gluten and wheat free produce  as embraced by Keira Knightley and Victoria Beckham. You dont have to be a superstar or wag to enjoy Mrs Crimbles as they can be bought at over 350 Sainsbury  stores, at a price anyone can afford, 12 mini choc orange macaroons above are great value at just £1.89 and if i was to have a complaint about these its just they are too small one bite and they are gone..

More information on these and all the Mrs Crimbles products can be found on their website. http://www.mrscrimbles.com

each mini macaroon contains only 81 calories 4.7g fat and 0.02g salt





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