Sherieann Handcrafted Jewellery

Today I recieved from this lovely lady Sherieann a very secure Jiffy bag containg handcrafted jewellery, upon opening the envelope the first thing i found was a beautifully wrapped parcel once unwrapped the parcel contained a gift box wherin was  a lovely bracelet made especially for me. the silver links are very well filled with black rose petals and animal charms( owls, dogs, rabbits and birds) and finished off with a large black kidney shaped stone and a black heart with contrast blue beads. Very nicely made and extremely well packaged.

I also recieved a black handbag/key charm as you can see is in black and silver with a white marbelling.

Sherieann also kindly enclosed a matching orange and silver necklace and earing set and a handbag/key charm which at some point i will be offering as a giveaway. So if you want handcrafted jewellery for any occasion i highly reccomend —-


excellent products, great prices, well packaged and free p & p


2 comments on “Sherieann Handcrafted Jewellery

  1. It all looks lovely and such a nice surprise with the packaging. I am glad Sherianne is doing well

  2. Looks fab! Sherieann’s work is beautiful 🙂

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