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Sparkling Ribena, an injection of fizz.

On Saturday 21st May 2100 I took delivery of a 4 bottles of  New Sparkling Ribena, 2 blackcurrant and 2 raspberry, I had to hide them from my daughter so i could try them first alas my partner found them and gave me her review…first to try was the blackcurrant, first comment was the bottle was nice and bright and attractive with the Ribena labels clear to read and the bottle a slighty different tapered shape so not to be confused with the still ribena. A nice value for money 500ml bottle costing approx 99p in supermarkets. The bottle is 100% recycled. To help the enviroment.The fizz was just right not too gassy but nice and refreshing and fruity without being too tangy according to Claire ribena have got this flavour spot on and should appeal to all ages.

Next was the Raspberry Ribena, same shaped bottle with a red label again easy to read,nice bright and summery but this one surpassed the blackcurrant according to Claire this one tastes scrummy and more flavoursome and refreshing was her humble opinion.Im of an age where we were given Ribena as babies then came the “its not good for you” campaign as you can see from the nutriotional values it certainly is bad for you there is worse treats you can have. Ribena sparkling contains no artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours and is made from real fruit juice.

Nutritional info per 250ml

calories 108,

sugars 26.0g

fat 0

saturates 0

salt trace.

Ribena loves berries and so do we..

more info can be found at http://www.ribena.co.uk


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