Karcher MV2 /vacuum Cleaner

I love reviewing Karcher Products as they always think outside of the box and their range of Vacuum cleaners carry this on, I was kindly sent the MV2 to review. This is still a work in progress review as it it more than just a vacuum cleaner.

This compact cleaner is lightweight and crams a powerful 1200w motor into its body, which at first doesnt seem very powerful,but what it can pick up compared to normal household vacs is quite surprising.
The MV2 is a wet and dry vacuum so it can pick up liquids from spills or leaks as easily as dust and rubble, yes you read that right rubble, with a whopping 12litre container.

The MV2 is ideal for workshops, cars and garages as well as indoor use.
It comes with a 4 metre cord, big enough for most jobs, and accessory pack including filter,and an onboard storage for the accessories its easy to assemble and use with easy to read instructions.
Technical data

Power corresponds to* (W)

Energy use (W)

Length of cord access. (m)

ID accessory (mm)

Container capacity / material l

12 /
Voltage (V)

220 - 240
Weight (kg)

Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)

369 x 337 x 430

If you would like to find out more about the . MV2 check out the website http://www.karcher.co.uk/uk/Products/Home__Garden/Vacuums/Multipurpose_vacuum_cleaners/16297630.htm

whats outside the window

Ive been so busy typing away today after cutting my head at work i forgot what time it was looked out the window of the office/spare bedroom and saw this awesome sight trying to shine in the window.

Clarissa Hulse Throw

Ive worked with QVC UK for a few years now reviewing different products and when i was asked if id like to review a new throw i was thrilled.
Clarissa is renowned in the world of textiles for working with colours and nature, and produces stunning ranges for leading stores high class stores as Selfridges, Heals and John Lewis and now QVC.
The Clarissa Hulse range offers elegance and a touch of luxury in a range of linens for the home including bedroom lounge and bathroom,

The throw I was lucky enough to recive is pictured below and blends effortlessly with my colour scheme and adds that touch of luxury i can only dream about.

a touch of luxury

a touch of luxury

Made from 100% polyeser, and feels like suede to touch, with polyester filling and embroidered with cotton and polyester the throw is faultless down to the minute details on the pattern and satin bound edging.


This throw now sits with pride of place on the bottom of our bed, but also is great on cold evenings to snuggle up under.

This and more of the Clarissa Hulse range can be found at www.qvc.com

The Big Call

Have you ever thought about going self employed or earning big money working for yourself? Watch the video below it can help you to change your life. Giant Oaks come from little acorns and this is so true.

I have personally gone self employed in 2014  and its the best thing i ever done no more sitting in a call centre dreading the next angry customer instead when the phone rings it is generally someone wanting to use my services as a domestic cleaner/freelance photographer or writer I never thought i could achieve this but with just a bit of self belief i have done it. and it didnt cost a lot to start off as i already had the skills and equipment.


In the video Charlie Mullins ceo The Pimlico Plumber.  the name comes from his first office, in the video charlie describes how one phone call changed his life, just by wanting to follow in the footsteps of someone he looked up to. He followed in the footsteps of a local plumber  who gave him hes first break in the world of plumbing  as an apprentice and out of the blue one phone call from a local estate agent he took the  plunge into the world of self employment and plumbing, now The Pimlico Plumber employs over 200 staff, and have 160 vans on the road and averaging an annual turnover of 20Million pounds.

The business is still growing strong Charlie is enjoying a life of luxury as a child he could only dream about but with just that little bit of self belief, positive mental attitude, call it what you will, the will to succeed shines through everything he does, from arriving early to appointments to employing only the best handpicked employees. If you see a small window of opportunity go through it you never know what is on the other side and you can make a difference.

Swan Fridge/Freezer review

Wow well its been quiet on the blogging front lately but boy have i got some exciting reviews coming soon, new fridge freezer. new vacuum, wallpaper just a few to keep me going oh not forgetting my xmas gift guide for the 4th yr, and hopefully some fab giveaways, watch this space…………………………………..

well sexy arrived yesterday and wow we both love it, from the touchy feely matt exterior to the deceptive interior of the freezer, have a look at my vlog and see if you agree with my findings

I was kindly given the http://ao.com/product/SR11010WRN-Swan-Retro-Fridge-Freezer-Red-28517.aspx#reviewsTab

by the lovely people of AO.com to review,

lavish alice competition entry

Well this is the first time ive used my blog for a competition entry but the prize is fab so it just had to be done, all i need to do is  create a wishlist from Lavish Alice and share with everyone, no problem so here goes, my wishlist.

first as xmas is around the corner would be this stunningly eye catching Baroque style cropped mini dress. Ideal for all the xmas parties with its stunning colours.



Secondly these gorgeous suede effect heels, to add an extra dimension of glamour to the outfit


and next to add a touch of sophistication to the outfit i would add this gorgeous honeycomb bracelet


if you like my styling all the above can be bought online from http://www.lavishalice.com/

Hylton Castle

Today i went for a walk around Hylton Castle in Sunderland, scene of my youthful days, i lived in a house opposite this fab castle, which is haunted by the ghost of the murdered stable hand Robert Skelton apparently murdered for courting the Baron Hyltons daughter.


The castle itself has now fallen into a delapidated state but has stood since being built from wood after the Norman conquest of 1066, it was later rebuilt in stone around the 14th century.  It remained the principal seat of the Hylton family until the 1800s, after several changes of owner the castle was sold to the state  in 1950, since then its fallen deeper into disrepair, and is plagued by youths who congregate at night.

All that remains of the castle and the chapel  now is owned by English Heritage, They are both Grade 1 listed buildings, but unless something radical is done to save the castle who knows what the future holds.

As a child i spent many happy hour playing in the grounds and picking conkers from the floor.

One of the castle’s main features, is the heraldic devices found mainly on the west façade, which have been retained from the castle’s original construction. They depict the coats of arms belonging to local gentry and peers of the late 14th to early 15th centuries and provide an approximate date of the castle’s reconstruction from wood to stone.



The main doorway up until the 1980′s used to be open to the public but is now kept firmly closed to try to preserve what is left of the castle.

Its always nice to go back to childhood times but its with heavy heart looking around Hylton Castle and seeing what is left now,

More information about the castle and the cauld lad can be found here


ipad cases from case happy.

I was offered a lovely new ipad case to review from the fab people at http://www.casehappy.co.uk/, who do a fab selection of Retro covers for  Tablets Kindles and Iphones too,

The case i selected is the Ipad mini with retina display in a fab retro London Eye design http://www.casehappy.co.uk/index.asp?function=PRODUCTIMAGEWINDOW&closedelay=20000&SRC=http://www.casehappy.co.uk/ekmps/shops/kindlehappy/images/-style-london-eye-style–[1]-1490-p[ekm]265×288[ekm].jpg

The case is just one of a fab selection of themes available is nice and sturdy and feels comfortable to hold and very well thought out  and comes complete with a screen cover and stylus.

All of the ports are easily accessible which ive normally found to be a problem with other cases which makes it difficult when taking photos or linking to pc. the Ipad also comes with a plastic hard inside so the ipad or tablet clicks safely into place so its safe from falling out. The only problem you will have with case happy is choosing just one design, ive already got my eye on my next case and with prices that compare well with other cases why scrimp on quality for the sake of a few quid.

Product Features:

  • Retro style cases
  • Thin and lightweight design
  • Supports the iPads sleep/wake function when you open or close the cover
  • All buttons and ports are easily accessible
  • Stand with multiple angles for comfortable viewing

Produced from high quality synthetic leather and a microfiber inner lining



The case is easy to use as a stand as you can see in the picture and is sturdy enough for the heaviest of fingers.

to D.I.Y or not

Now everyones kids are back at school or college mine included everyones thoughts are now looking towards the fat man in the red suit, no doubt the chocolates will be on offer in the supermarkets this week after the last minute rush on uniforms as the shops prepare in readiness for the biggest holiday season of the year. Already the furniture stores are advertising on tv order now in time for christmas, which has got me thinking must be time to spruce up the house>>>again. I said earlier in the year after finishing my hall and stairs i was hanging up my paint brushes and only time the paste table was coming out would be for car boot sales, alas while sat watching said adverts i saw a lush red sofa and looking at out cream and brown corner suite got me thinking our lounge could do with sprucing up.

The wallpaper as much as i love it has been on almost 2 yrs and im beginning to find it drab and dreary, id love something bright  to liven up the winter evenings snuggled in front of the fire. The sofa as i mentioned is Cream and Brown corner unit and despite trying to move it around our lounge it ends up back in the same position it started in as its the only place it fits. id love the TV on the mantel wall with a setter and seperate chairs, the wood floor can stay as i really do like that especially with owning dogs, but new rugs would be a welcome addition.

twas my partners birthday yesterday so we went clothes shopping at Gateshead Metro Centre, and on the way home decided to nip into Ikea we love ikea we always want to move into their little homes they have made, or they can move in with us, we bought a couple of little things like tea light holders, and envied over the wardrobes and how much space they give and how light they are, ours at the moment are black, dustus gatherus wardrobes, functional but not ideal, basically the best we could afford at the time.

After Ikea we went for a browse around Team Valley Trading Estate and as we were walking past Scs we spotted a fab new sofa in the window the sofa is called Long Beach and comes in a variety of colours and seating arrangements but what we liked was the 2 seater recliner with the console in the middle, somewhere to keep the remotes for the tv etc safe and 2 drink holders,which in our small lounge would save having coffee tables everywhere. Our sofa at the moment is a large corner unit which is bulky and only fits in the one corner of the lounge so we feel squashed up ito one end of the lounge so we are hoping in the near future we can afford the new Long Beach as this 2 seater would fit in any area of our lounge so we could change it around more,


Buying this would mean saving for a couple of month as we would also need to redecorate our whole lounge but that is something that would be worthwhile doing.

If any companies would like to help us achieve our dream sooner please get in touch thanks